I have always been interested in photography, especially wildlife and railways, however in the days of film, this was always hit and miss. The onset of digital photography has revolutionized how we take photos. Everything is now instant. This is what has rekindled my love of the subject. My first digital camera was a Canon 20d bought from my friend Jack Clegg of Exmoor Photography, who has also taught me a great deal. I now use a 7d mk2 with a 100-400 mk 11. A lot of my landscapes are taken with a Lumix GX9 because of its portability. I love walking and always take a camera.
I was born in the West Midlands and moved to Porlock in 1991. Lisa and I now live in the lovely Exmoor village of Wootton Courtenay.


I was born and bred in West Somerset, and have always been passionate about wildlife, especially the Red Deer, I seem to have an uncanny knack of spotting deer when nobody else can, must be the Exmoor blood! My interest in photography began when I met Jamie about 17 years ago and has grown ever since. I use a Canon 7d mk2 as well.